Cape Verde Private Rentals - Collection of Villas and Apartments across the Cape Verde Islands

Rent direct from owners in Sal, Boa Vista, Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santiago & Maio. For luxury look no further than the beach resorts of Sal and Boa Vista, for verdant jungles and vertiginous views Santo Antao, for culture Sao Vcente - all properties are rented by friendly owners only too happy to help inform your travel plans.

The Cape Verde Archipelago

Find out where Cape Verde is located, the main islands of the archipelago, activities and attractions...

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Get There & Get Around

Details on how to fly to Cape Verde and how to get around (and between) the islands...

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Where to Stay

View our Accomodation Guide to find out where to stay, which island and which resort ot town....

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Cape Verde is an increasingly popular honeymoon destination. Find out why in our Cape Verde Honeymoon Guide...

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Featured Properties

Cliff top villa, ocean views, pool, lovely garden

3 Bed Villa

Apartment | Tropical Resort | pool | close beach

2 Bed Apartment


1 Bed Apartment

Tortuga Beach Luxury - Santa Maria - Sal

4 Bed Villa

Cape Verde Self-Catering Holiday Rentals

Rent direct from owners of holiday properties on the Cape Verde Islands. Luxury Self-catering rentals in Cape Verde's stunning new resorts on Sal Island: Dunas Beach, Tortuga Beach, Vila Verde, Paradise Beach. Mountainside villas for rent direct from owner on the unspoilt beauty of Santo Antao Island. Selection of Villas, Townhouses and Apartments for private rental across the Cape Verde Islands. Get quotes and negotiate the best deal by missing out the middle man. Get information on one of the world's popular new holiday destinations. Only 5hrs flying time from the UK and Central Europe. Only 1hr time difference from Central Europe and 2hrs from the United Kingdom.

Villa, Townhouse and Apartment Rentals on Cape Verde

There are various villa, townhouse and apartment self-catering rental options available on the islands covering all party sizes and budgets. Through Cape Verde Private Rentals you'll speak directly to owners of properties on the islands who can provide you unique insight and detailed information on renting a villa in Cape Verde as well as helping plan your holiday from renting a villa to which island to stay on and what to see and do when you get there. Cape Verde continues to mature as a unique holiday destination but thankfully with strict government controls on development you're still guaranteed authenticity and tranquillity.

Self-Catering Holiday Rentals in Sal and Boa Vista

Most popular for holiday destinations is the resort of Santa Maria on Sal. Bars and restaurants abound. Santa Maria serves up 8km of stunning sandy beaches. And is rated in the top 5 windsurfing destinations on the planet so naturally Sal and Cape Verde in general are a mecca for water sports enthusiasts. Sal still retains Cape Verde's main international airport. Fast behind Sal is Boa Vista which is quickly growing in popularity with a number of luxury villa complexes now complete or slated for development. You can fly direct into Boa Vista from a number of major European airports and it may soon challenge Sal as Cape Verde's tourism hotspot.

Self-Catering Holiday Rentals in Sao Vicente, Santo Antao and Maio

There is more to the 10 island archipelago of Cape Verde than just Sal and Boa Vista. The other islands are growing in popularity and villa and apartment options abound. Many resorts on some of the smaller islands are discreet, offering small 10 villa communities in stunning mountainside settings. You'll find some on Cape Verde Private Rentals. Islands popular for tourism are Sao Vicente, Santo Antao and Maio. If you are looking for a unique villa rental experience then these 3 islands should be your first post of call.