A Honeymoon in Paradise: the Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde is one of the world’s most beautiful honeymoon destinations; a necklace of magical islands dropped in the vastness of the blue Atlantic, strings of windswept white pearls and lush green emeralds surrounded by coral reefs. From the beauty of tranquil sandy beaches and rugged volcanic craters to the adrenaline rush of diving and windsurfing and the thrill of the local nightlife, Cape Verde has something for everyone.

loungers on beach outside Dunas Beach resort Santa Maria Sal Cape Verde

Warm and sunny all year round, honeymoon weather is guaranteed in Cape Verde. The ten islets are all strikingly different, some with lively towns and resorts, others with empty and stunning landscapes. This is an enchanted country with a history bound up with the weather, the landscape and the sea, and for honeymooners looking for an authentic experience, renting a private villa or apartment in one of the new luxury complexes is the best way to experience the true Cape Verde, away from the busy tourist traps.

A private villa in Cape Verde offers you a balance of luxury and seclusion. Choose an intimate, romantic hideaway on the dramatic slopes of Santo Antão or Sao Vicente, a secret eerie from which to explore the islands, or enjoy the resort amenities at the glorious Melia Dunas beach on Sal for a mix of sand, sea and nightlife.

For more secret and secluded beaches, the island of Maio offers a taste of tranquil old Cape Verde. Explore the abandoned villages and dive the shipwrecks of beautiful Boa Vista, where you can imagine sirens singing to you from the dazzling white dunes, or head to Santo Antão, Brava or São Nicolau for quiet trails, golden beaches and scenic vistas.

villa set in to rugged hillside of Santa Antao

If you’re looking for an adrenalin-packed Cape Verde honeymoon, the varied landscape of the islands offers some of the best hiking in the world. With a private villa as a base, you can explore at your leisure, following the cobbled paths that wind to the remotest corners of the islands, from the mountains of Santo Antão and the impressive volcanic crater on Fogo to the steep slopes of the ‘flower’ island, Brava.

The warm trade winds mean you can windsurf much of the year around Cape Verde, or dive the coral reefs at one of the sites off Sal, where you’ll see coral slabs, pinnacles and mountains and some of the most amazing sea life in the world, including dolphins, turtles and manta rays. The islands are even visited by mating whales that sing to each other off the coast.

Music is everywhere on Cape Verde, and you’ll hear Latin, African and European beats from the bars and restaurants of cosmopolitan Mindelo to the remote villages on the volcanic crater of Fogo. Time your visit right, and you can catch colourful carnivals and music festivals, such as the São Vicente Carnival in February.

A honeymoon in Cape Verde is a trip to paradise. These tiny islands offer an array of spectacular scenery, pristine beaches, unique wildlife and vibrant local culture. Holding hands on your private balcony as the sun sinks into a bronze ocean and the birds sing to each other over the deserted dunes and lush forests, you’ll have memories to treasure for life.