Cape Verde Ė Where to stay when renting a private holiday property

Before embarking on a search of private holiday properties on the Cape Verde Islands itís worth understanding some of the context behind the islandsí rapid rise as a holiday destination and the associated resort development that is required to underpin any economy based heavily on tourism. Cape Verdeís private property rental market was inextricably linked to the global property crisis starting in 2006 and recovering in late 2012. In the early to mid-2000s, private owners found themselves salivating over a long list of slated developments across the 10 islands, most of which never broke the ground in anger and of the few that did, many still trundle onwards towards as-yet-undefined completion dates. Those that did make it to completion however such as the Dunas and Tortuga Beach resorts on Sal were a success. With the world economy picking up, resorts still under construction are beginning to set more defined completion dates, tourism and investment on the islands is growing exponentially and a number of stunning new resorts developments are back on the slate.

Which Island?

The landscape and terrain across the 10 islands is as wide and varied as their development and construction progress. The main holiday island is Sal. This draws the majority of the tourists with Boa Vista and Maio close behind. All three islands are noted for their endless white sandy beaches. Santa Maria in Sal is the number 1 holiday town hotspot across the 10 islands and it is here that has seen most of the successful private property resort development. Over the past few years a number of resorts have successfully completed and now offer a wide selection of private rental options direct from owner.

Santa Monica Beach, Boa Vista...

Santa Monica Beach Boa Vista

Boa Vista probably just pips Sal in the beach states but development on the island has been relatively threadbare. Aside from a few large mid-range hotels only Vila Cabral 1 and 2 have seen successful completion. Unlike some of the other islands Boa Vista didnít really ever have a large slate, in the main because of its lack of a meaningful airport and basic infrastructure. These are now very much in place and some major new developments are proposed. Most notable of these is the 5 star Santa Monica Beach Resort and Spa in the north of the island.

Which Resort Development?

One of the great benefits of Cape Verde is its broad appeal. Itís the ideal holiday destination for sun-worshipers, beach bums, water sports enthusiasts, hikers and trekkers or simply adventurous travellers with a love of unusual places and old world charm. Most of the main resort developments are on the island of Sal. These include Murdeira Village at Murdeira Bay, Dunas Beach, Paradise Beach, Tortuga Beach, Porto Antigo and Vila Verde.

Tortuga Beach resort and Spa, Santa Maria, Sal...

Tortuga Beach Resort pool and apartment blocks

On Boa Vista the only private apartment rental resort is Vila Cabral. Both islands are very easy to reach from major European cities and fast paced infrastructure development makes them easy to get around or will do soon. Sao Vicente (with the charm of Mindelo), Santiago and Santo Antao are less well developed but many luxury new resort developments are planned. The government has done well to restrict over-development so these should sit well alongside some of the unique Cape Verdean towns and new villas that have been built to eco-tourism ethos or simply to blend into the surroundings.